Please submit nominations for the Mercer Award, and other ESA awards! Deadline Nov. 7.

Nov. 7 is the deadline for submitting nominations for the ESA’s various awards. Instructions on how to do so are here. Please consider nominating someone!

This year, I’m taking over as chair of the Mercer Award subcommittee, so I’m particularly keen for folks to nominate awesome ecology papers published in the last two years. The paper can be in any journal, with a first author under 41 years of age at the time of publication*; the first author needn’t be an ESA member.

Nominating a paper for the Mercer Award is easy: just write a letter explaining why it’s an outstanding paper. Nomination letters typically run 1-2 pages, but there’s no set length. You can have up to two supporting letters from other folks if you want, but that’s optional. If you’ve never nominated a paper before, well, there’s a first time for everything! 🙂 Every nomination will receive full consideration on the merits, no matter who it’s from. And don’t worry that there will be “too many” other nominees, or that your nomination will somehow be a burden to the committee. I’m sure I speak for everyone on the Mercer Award subcommittee when I say that serving on the committee is a pleasure and a privilege. It’s a great way to learn about great ecological research and the great young ecologists who are doing it. The more nominees we get, the better.

Ideally, your nomination should include the first author’s birthdate. But if you’re not sure of the first author’s age and so aren’t sure if the paper is eligible, submit the nomination and let the committee deal with it.

If you nominated a paper for the Mercer Award last year, and the paper remains eligible, your nomination will automatically be considered again this year; no need to re-nominate.

Looking forward to receiving your nominations.

*George Mercer was a young ecologist killed in WW II. The age limit for Mercer Award eligibility reflects the award’s purpose: to remember a young ecologist by honoring other young ecologists.

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