Friday links: the AAU vs. Canada, death vs. scientific progress, and more

Also this week: encouraging grad students to finish their programs in a timely fashion by not giving them deadlines, the unexpected connection between Plos and veggie burgers, and more.

From Jeremy:

Wait, the US members of the AAU were going to kick out McGill and Toronto last week, then reversed the decision?

Wait, a Plos co-founder is now the Impossible Meat founder? This interested me not just because of the tangential connection to academic publishing, or for the discussion of meat consumption and climate, but for the window into alternative theories of political and social change. I am always struck by the intensity of disagreement between mission-driven people who agree on ends but disagree on means.

Wait, short-term interventions that encourage people to change their behavior to fight climate change have almost no effect while the interventions are running, and no effect after they end? That’s…totally what I’d have expected, actually.

Does science (and philosophy) really advance one death at a time, and if so why? Commentary on a very interesting empirical study. (ht @jtlevy)

Black applicants for NIH R01 grants tend to receive lower scores than white applicants, because they tend to propose work on topics that score lower with reviewers. Does this mean that NIH should rethink its funding priorities?

The University of Chicago is ending the fixed-length guaranteed funding period for graduate students in social sciences and humanities. Instead, graduate students will be guaranteed funding for as long as they remain in good academic standing–but program enrollments will have hard caps (that are yet to be determined). The goal is actually to help students finish their degree programs, and do so promptly, without anxiety about having their funding cut off.  Speculating, I can imagine that the success of these changes will depend a lot on the details of how they’re implemented in practice. Question: would you like to see this model adopted more widely, including in the sciences, mathematics, and engineering? (ht Marginal Revolution)

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