Friday links: teaching the students you have vs. creating the students you wish you had, and more

Also this week: the red team vs. you, reflections on online teaching, Wes Anderson vs. the pandemic, and more.

From Jeremy:

Yoel Stuart on being a new prof in the age of COVID-19.

Dan Lakens argues that you should hire a “red team” to criticize your research at the design and analysis stages. Interesting idea, but I wish he’d talked more concretely about the specific contexts in which it might be worth doing. I guess when the research is fast-moving and likely to be high-impact?

When teaching undergraduates, should you worry more about trying to get them to love the subject, or how to teach most effectively given that many of them don’t love the subject? Obviously, that’s not really an either-or question. But Stephen Heard argues that you should focus more on the latter.

Harry Brighouse’s reflections on moving to online teaching this past term, and what it does and doesn’t teach us about teaching online-only in the fall. This is an important point:

Remember that all the evidence we have about learning in online-from-the-start classes is about students who chose that format over the in-person option, for one reason or another. So we have to use careful judgement in deciding what to take from that model.

How to quarantine, Wes Anderson edition.

It me. 🙂

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