Are you planning to get creative with your prerecorded #ESA2020 presentation?

The 2020 ESA meeting will be a virtual meeting, with prerecorded talks and posters being uploaded to the meeting website for asynchronous viewing and asynchronous Q&A.

I’ve been thinking about how to get creative and take full advantage of the format. I mean, it’d be fine to just record myself talking about my slides in Zoom. But I feel like there must be ways to do better than that. Ideally ways that would be fun for me as well as for the audience, and that wouldn’t be too much additional work for me.

One idea I had was to let my student give part of the talk. The work I’ll be talking about involves an undergraduate summer research assistant. It wouldn’t be hard for us each to give part of the talk and then splice it all into a single video. A joint talk wouldn’t be possible during a normal ESA meeting, obviously. So it feels like a good way to make the best of a bad situation.

If I was doing a talk that could be given as a “chalk talk”, and I had access to a lightboard, I’d totally film a lightboard talk. (But I’m not, and I don’t, so I won’t.)

What about posters? Is there anything fun and useful you can do with a digital poster, that’s not possible with a physical poster? What about incorporating animated gifs into the poster?

I feel like I’m just scratching the surface of the possibilities here. What are your best creative ideas for prerecorded #ESA2020 presentations?



3 thoughts on “Are you planning to get creative with your prerecorded #ESA2020 presentation?

  1. I just found out about Prezi Video (not at all affiliated with them…) and it seems as though this would be a suitable platform for being creative in a research presentation. In the present (and near? far?) future times. Cheers

  2. Steve Ellner got creative: his “poster” is a series of 14 pdf slides! Which is fine, because he has an apologetic note on his first slide about “this isn’t a real poster, but that’s ok, because this isn’t a real poster session”. 🙂

    • And now I’m seeing other folks who’ve done the same. Clearly lots of folks decided that, rather than making a poster, they’d just upload pdfs of the slides for short talks. Which seems completely fine to me.

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