#macgyverteaching and #macgyverscience vs. Covid-19

Like many of you, I’m going to be teaching online-only this fall. I was fortunate to have some saved-up professional expense money from my uni, so I spent it on a lightboard to help me make more effective and engaging video mini-lectures.

Then I found out that I could’ve made my own for, like, $50. I bow to Emily Nix’s superior #macgyverteaching skills.



Emily Nix is of course one of only many teachers and researchers proving the old adage that necessity is the mother of invention. One of my grad students built her own incubators so that she could conduct her planned research this summer without access to the lab. They’re made of picnic coolers, reptile heating pads, temperature probes, and some other bits and pieces. They work great! I’m totally keeping them and using them after all this [waves arms, gestures at everything] is over.

In the comments, share your own stories and links about #macgyverscience and #macgyverteaching: building your own kit, and improvising in other ways, to get the job done in a Covid-19 world.


1 thought on “#macgyverteaching and #macgyverscience vs. Covid-19

  1. Ha! My advisors told me that if this PhD stuff doesn’t work out, I can always find work as a carpenter or electrician as I had to build a lot of my equipment – isolation chambers with cages water/food receptacles, infrared diodes, radiotransmitters I had to refurbish myself, all the wiring of that to the computer etc. Dremel was my best friend.

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