Thursday evening blast from the past: remembering Tony Ives’ legendary MacArthur Award lecture

Allison Barner and others have been recalling Tony Ives’ 2013 MacArthur Award lecture, which sadly was never written up as an Ecology paper:

Totally with Allison and Chris on this–that was the best talk I’ve ever seen. So much thought-provoking content, and so unconventionally and compellingly presented. Whether you were there or not, you might enjoy the post I wrote about it at the time.

Anecdotally, it seems like the tradition of MacArthur Award winners writing up their talks as papers has fallen by the wayside. I live in hope that it’ll be revived (come on, do it Jon!). Several MacArthur Award papers are classics–they influenced many young researchers and fully deserved to.

3 thoughts on “Thursday evening blast from the past: remembering Tony Ives’ legendary MacArthur Award lecture

  1. Really disappointing these sort of talks aren’t readily available now, particularly when they haven’t been published as a manuscript. I think the pandemic has us all realizing how important these sort of records are!

  2. Jeremy I don’t know Toni. Do you? Could you ask him if the talk might be available … e.g. maybe he has given it elsewhere? I did not see it. I would love to see it because (a) the comments about on how great it was and (b) because duh it is Toni Ives.

    • I know he’s given versions of this talk elsewhere, as an invited seminar speaker. But a quick search of YouTube doesn’t turn up any hits. Most departments don’t record departmental seminars for posterity, so I doubt there’s a video anywhere. The Utah State University Ecology center does record their seminar speakers and post the videos, but I checked and Tony’s never spoken there.

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