Jeremy Fox’s lab seeking three new grad students for 2021

I am seeking three new graduate student (M.Sc. and/or Ph.D.) to start sometime in 2021. Preferably Sept. 2021, but other start dates are possible. My lab is a good fit for students looking to do fundamental research in population and community ecology, particularly research combining theoretical modeling with experiments in model systems. Right now I’m doing a lot of work on spatial synchrony of population fluctuations, and on higher order interactions and species coexistence, but I have other irons in the fire too. See my lab website for more on what’s going on in my lab these days. And see here to learn more about my department and its graduate program.

2021 hopefully will be an exciting time to join my lab. My recent NSERC Discovery Grant renewal was very successful. An influx of new students will bring a lot of new ideas and energy into the lab. And Canada’s been doing a decent job of responding to the coronavirus pandemic, so hopefully by 2021 my lab will have safely returned to something resembling pre-pandemic normalcy.

If you’re interested in joining my lab, please have a look at my letter to prospective grad students. It talks about my approaches to science and mentoring, and includes some questions I ask of all prospective students. If it seems like my lab might be a good fit for you, send me an email ( with an introductory note, transcripts (unofficial is fine), and a cv. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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