Friday links: “is the semester over yet?” edition

Limping into the home stretch, like many of you I suspect. Only a few links this week.

From Jeremy:

Commentary on my university’s new strategic plan, from an independent consultant.

Was the notebook in which Charles Darwin sketched his first, now-iconic evolutionary tree stolen rather than lost in 2001?

I don’t want you to ‘believe’ me. I want you to listen.” By Agnes Callard. Very personal and powerful, in ways that may shake up your assumptions and expectations. Indeed, that are intended to shake up your assumptions and expectations. Here’s the first bit, to encourage you to click through:

I am not a private person — quite the opposite — but I do have two secrets. The first concerns some Bad Events that happened to me long ago (yes, it’s the sort of thing you are thinking of), and the second is an unrelated Fact about my neurological makeup…But I can’t tell you what The Fact is, because you won’t believe me; and I can’t tell you about The Events, because you will.

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