Tenure-track asst. professor position in Applied Data Science at the University of Calgary. Please apply!

The Faculty of Science at the University of Calgary is advertising for a tenure-track asst. professor position in applied data science. Here’s the ad; I’m summarized key details below along with a bit of background information and context that’s not in the ad.

This is a very broad search. The search committee is going to have one member from each of the departments in the Faculty of Science, and the successful candidate could be appointed in any of those departments. My department (Biological Sciences) certainly would welcome someone working with big data in ecology and evolution, so if that describes you, you should definitely apply!

Non-Canadians are welcome and encouraged to apply. We are legally obliged to give preference to Canadian citizens and permanent residents, but that doesn’t mean that we never hire non-Canadians. My department just hired Kelsey Lucas, who’s from the US, and over the years we’ve hired a number of other profs who weren’t Canadian citizens or permanent residents at the time they were hired. Every application will receive full consideration. Do not assume that it’d be a waste of time to apply unless you’re a Canadian, because that’s not true!

The University of Calgary is one of Canada’s leading research universities. We have about 30,000ish undergrads and 8,000ish graduate students. The Dept. of Biological Sciences is the biggest department on campus, we have 50ish faculty and 160ish graduate students. Between our department and other units on campus, we have a bunch of outstanding evolutionary biologists working with genomic data (Sean Rogers, Sam Yeaman, James Wasmuth, others). Outside Biological Sciences, we just started a professional graduate program in Data Science, in which the successful applicant will be expected to teach. There’s lots of other stuff going on here in areas adjacent to this position. If you self-identify as a data scientist, I think you’ll find the University of Calgary an exciting place to work.

Calgary is a vibrant city of about 1.3 million people, located just 45 minutes drive from the Canadian Rockies, with all the opportunities for recreation that implies. Here is what the bit of the Canadian Rockies that’s closest to the university looks like. Come on, tell me you don’t want to live here!

Application deadline is June 15.

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