Friday links: antiques vs. New Order, and more

Also this week: keeping it real eel, and…uh, [checks notes] actually that’s it..

From Jeremy:

What is the greatest headline ever for a science news article, and why is it this one? 🙂

Here’s New Order on antique instruments. This isn’t just a gimmick, it really works. Though note that not all of the instruments are as antique as the title of the video implies. Nobody had a theremin back in the 1930s! update: whoops, should’ve googled it. Thank you to a commenter for correcting me on this.

4 thoughts on “Friday links: antiques vs. New Order, and more

      • Don’t you mean “woo-woooo-woooo-wooops, I stand corrected?”

        I recommend “Us Conductors” by Sean Michaels — a great novel about Leon Theremin that won a bunch of awards a few years ago.

      • Thanks for the tip, I’m intrigued by the idea of a novel about Theremin (about whom I know zilch). Some of my favorite novels are fictionalized biographies of real people, or historical novels that drop in real people as supporting characters. Though a lot depends on the writing and plot too, of course. For instance, you’d think I’d have loved “Mr. Darwin’s Shooter” just based on the subject matter, but I could not get into it at all. Gave up before I even got 1/4 of the way. OTOH, “The Signature of All Things” is one of my favorite novels (

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