Timely posts for the start of the academic year

It’s the right time of year to re-up these old posts:

Prepping an undergraduate ecology course? Here’s Meghan’s organized compilation of videos for teaching ecology.

Prepping an undergrad biostats course? You might be interested in my collection of statistical vignettes.

Thinking about what to do at lab meetings? Meghan has a post full of ideas.

Thinking about applying for grad school in ecology, or advising someone who is? Here’s some advice for prospective grad students and their mentors. And here’s some more.

Are you a new grad student? You’ll likely need to choose a research project. Here are good and bad reasons for choosing a research project.

Are you a PhD student who will taking a comprehensive exam this year (aka a candidacy exam or qualifying exam)? Here’s how to survive it.

Are you on the ecology faculty job market in the US or Canada this fall? Here’s a lot of data on what the job market has been like recently, and it’s implications for faculty job seekers. Here’s an ESA Bulletin paper summarizing those data. Here’s some historical context for those data. Here’s some further faculty job market advice. Here’s data-based guidance on how much to tailor your application to the specific institution, or type of institution, to which you’re applying. Here’s how to interpret an email inviting you to apply for a faculty position. Here’s how search committees work, and here’s more on that topic.

Starting your first faculty position, and feeling like an imposter? You’re not alone.

And finally, here’s Meghan on how you think the start of the semester will go vs. how it actually goes. Again, you’re not alone if you feel this way.

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