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Here are links to some of our best posts, “best” being operationally defined as “our personal favorites”. We hope you like them as much as we do! We each chose favorites from among our own posts, and often chose different posts for different reasons.

If you’re new to Dynamic Ecology, these posts are a good starting point.

By Jeremy:

Zombie ideas in ecology

How I almost quit science

Bandwagons in ecology

In (tentative) praise of shopkeeper science

Why “The Spandrels of San Marco” isn’t a good paper

Is macroecology like astronomy?

The (r)evolution of ecology in the ’50s and ’60s

Objections to microcosms in ecology, and their answers

The five roads to generality in ecology

Recent N. American TT ecology faculty hiring is 57% women. That’s good news–but most ecologists don’t know it or can’t quite believe it.

The two kinds of ecologists

What our readers think about the most controversial ideas in ecology

When, and why, the ecology faculty job market first got so competitive

By Meghan:

Videos for teaching ecology

Implicit biases & evaluating job candidates

Women in ecology and Ecolog discussions

The study that almost made me quit grad school

You do not need to work 80 hours a week to succeed in academia

There is crying in science. That’s okay.

Life as an anxious scientist

By Brian:

Statistical machismo

Do ecologists have schools of thought?

Ecologists need to do a better job of prediction (part I): the insidious evils of ANOVA

Follow the money – what really matters when choosing a journal

By guest authors:

Ecological forecasting: why I’m a hypocrite and you may be one too (by Peter Adler)

The great escape: charting a career outside academia (by Carla Davidson)

Is the notion that species interactions are stronger and more specialized in the tropics a zombie idea? (by Angela Moles and Jeff Ollerton)

Making waves: can basic ecological research generate headlines, and does it matter? (by Andrew Kleinhesselink and Peter Adler)

The teaching job that slipped through my fingers and what I learned from that experience (by Greg Crowther)

Life as an anxious grad student (by an anonymous author)

Doing ecology in Canada and Brazil (by Isabela Borges)

The two tenures (by Gina Baucom)

Passing the mutualism buck: why have theoretical textbooks largely ignored mutualism? (by Christopher Moore)