Friday links: growing up creationist, professors as buzzards, and more

Also this week: a fascinating deep dive into paleoartistic reconstructions of extinct dinosaurs, an external report on the NSF preproposal system, shrink-wrapped dinosaurs, the decline of public research universities in the US midwest, imposter syndrome, counterfactual history of science, do you have a conflict of interest with your Twitter followers, distracted boyfriend data analyst, and more.

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Friday links: fake David Attenborough, US college enrollments are dropping, and more

Also this week: the story behind an evolutionary parody, a statistical profile of recent faculty hires in neuroscience, Game of Thrones grad school, “it’s because she put the beetles in a planetarium”, the statistician blues, Lego Daphnia, and more.

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Friday links: Happy Birthday to Us, Dr. Leia, the opposite of a biologist, and more

From Jeremy:

The NSF has a new report on the career plans of newly-minted science and engineering PhDs. There are more than ever–but fewer have concrete plans for after they receive their degrees. (ht Chris Blattman)

The opposite of a biologist is a model (the fashion kind, not the mathematical kind). (ht @matt_levine)


And finally: Meghan, Brian, and I celebrated Dynamic Ecology’s 5th birthday this week:

Happy birthday to us! Looking forward to another n years.