Friday links: inreach vs. outreach, Steinbeck vs. the title of your next paper, and more (UPDATED)

Also this week: the realized niche is “all shit”, world’s greatest faculty job application cover letter, the sixth mass extinction speciation, MIT diplomas vs. Bitcoin, debating systematics, scientific mavericks, Rand Paul vs. peer review, and more. Lots of good stuff this week! Stick around to the end for a joke involving Shirley Jackson and Peter Chesson. Like our tagline says, “the fox knows many things”–and he also likes to show off his half-remembered liberal arts education by making weird jokes. 🙂

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Friday links: growing up creationist, professors as buzzards, and more

Also this week: a fascinating deep dive into paleoartistic reconstructions of extinct dinosaurs, an external report on the NSF preproposal system, shrink-wrapped dinosaurs, the decline of public research universities in the US midwest, imposter syndrome, counterfactual history of science, do you have a conflict of interest with your Twitter followers, distracted boyfriend data analyst, and more.

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Friday links: fake David Attenborough, US college enrollments are dropping, and more

Also this week: the story behind an evolutionary parody, a statistical profile of recent faculty hires in neuroscience, Game of Thrones grad school, “it’s because she put the beetles in a planetarium”, the statistician blues, Lego Daphnia, and more.

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Friday links: Happy Birthday to Us, Dr. Leia, the opposite of a biologist, and more

From Jeremy:

The NSF has a new report on the career plans of newly-minted science and engineering PhDs. There are more than ever–but fewer have concrete plans for after they receive their degrees. (ht Chris Blattman)

The opposite of a biologist is a model (the fashion kind, not the mathematical kind). (ht @matt_levine)


And finally: Meghan, Brian, and I celebrated Dynamic Ecology’s 5th birthday this week:

Happy birthday to us! Looking forward to another n years.