Friday links: from diversity to inclusion, PUNchy seminar titles, and more

Also this week: Charles Darwin Leon Megginson vs. failed Spanish bank, what’s wrong with null models in ecology, the formula for a high-quality paper, NSF BIO directorate cancels their DDIG program, math vs. publicity, Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood R package, rejection letter etiquette, gender as art, and more.

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Friday links: math for human flourishing, smiley Charles Darwin, and more

Also this week: the scholarly literature as a mud moat, people named Neil vs. imposter syndrome, Joe Felsenstein was way ahead of you, compression algorithms vs. pop lyrics, induction vs. deduction vs. abduction, game theory vs. grade inflation, how to interview for a British PhD position, and MOAR.

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Friday links: the most famous ecologist, March for Science, and more

Also this week: PowerPoint vs. Alan Turing, self-organized grant funding, changing Waterman Award criteria, how to RELATE, the hater’s guide to reproducibility, incentivizing replication, academia coloring book, negative results on resurrection, #overlyhonestprefaces, and…



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