Friday links: the most famous ecologist, March for Science, and more

Also this week: PowerPoint vs. Alan Turing, self-organized grant funding, changing Waterman Award criteria, how to RELATE, the hater’s guide to reproducibility, incentivizing replication, academia coloring book, negative results on resurrection, #overlyhonestprefaces, and…



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Friday links: computer-animated Cuban Daphnia (yes, really), Darwin’s work-life balance, and more (UPDATEDx2)

Also this week: don’t save your R workspace, tell me again why the peer review system is in crisis, what economists (and ecologists?) don’t know, thought leaders vs. public intellectuals, William Carlos Williams vs. email, Jeremy channels his inner early-90s self, and more. Including an extra-large helping of silliness!

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Friday links: nobody wants portable peer review (apparently), $10M worth of bugs, and more

We read All The Things this week, and you should too. 🙂 Such as: tell me again what “biodiversity” is and why it’s “good”, grad student mental health, real life bird-rabbit illusion, the most motivating grade ever given, meta-analysis of meta-analyses, does recruiting girls into STEM solve the wrong problem, stats vs. calculus, #thanksfortyping, and more!

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Friday links: nobody cares about your model organism, never work from home, and more

Mostly silliness this week: The ecology of Skull Island, electrofishing for whales, Boaty McBoatface goes forth, and more! Also, a few serious links on the March For Science, the role of facts in political debates, and more. Come for the links, stay to watch Meg and I squabble over them.

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