Happy Darwin Day from Charles Darwin himself!

Charles Darwin himself celebrated his 210th birthday a bit early at the University of Calgary’s 34th annual Darwin Dinner last Friday:

me as Charles Darwin

p.s. If you think this looks less like Charles Darwin than like a man who was cut four times from his college improv comedy group and has never gotten over it, well, I can see why you’d think that. But you’re wrong, it’s totally Charles Darwin. πŸ™‚

photo credit: Rachel Tessier

4 thoughts on “Happy Darwin Day from Charles Darwin himself!

    • I made callbacks three times, so it’s not as if I had no hope…

      And thanks for the kind words, but honestly it was fine. I wasn’t gutted about getting cut. My attitude about it was actually similar to my attitude about the faculty job market. It was a thing I wanted to do, that many other good people wanted to do too. So I took my best shot, knowing that it might well not work out and that if it didn’t, well, no hard feelings, at least I tried.

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