Wide-ranging interview with Ben Bolker on statistics in ecology

We’re not doing a Friday linkfest this week, since we’ll be running ESA preview posts all week. But if I find any particularly good links, I’m going to do individual posts about them. Old school blogging!

So: check out the Ecology Student Society’s wide-ranging interview with Ben Bolker. Covers everything from how to learn to love statistics, to the most common statistical mistakes in ecology, to how to learn R, to the ecology papers that make the best use of statistics (good question, that!), to what Ben thinks of “statistical machismo“, and more. Touches on many favorite points of Brian, Meg, and I.

I was particularly interested to read that Ben’s already worried about the anti-statistical machismo pendulum swinging too far the other way! Jeez, how much influence do you think we have, Ben? 🙂

Anyway, check it out!

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