Summer conference advice

Summer conference season is here! No matter what conference(s) you’re attending, we’ve got you covered with plenty of advice on how to prepare, and how to get the most of the conference once you’re there. Most of it’s from us, some of it’s from others, and most have excellent comment threads with additional advice. Share your own tips in the comments!

Choosing a conference

How to decide whether to attend conference X

Why students shouldn’t bother with “student friendly” conferences

How often do you travel?

Submitting your abstract

You don’t need to have your data in hand and analyzed before submitting your abstract


Traveling to meetings while breastfeeding

Meeting people and networking

Why network at conferences?

How to network at conferences

More on how to network at conferences (from social science, but it generalizes)

How to start a conversation with a stranger at a scientific conference

On wandering alone at conferences

Conferencing as an introvert

Giving a good talk or poster

Poster or talk?

Better posters

Tips for giving a good talk or poster

How not to start your next ecology or evolution talk

The biggest mistake every poster makes

Asking and answering questions

How to ask tough questions

How to answer to tough questions

Perfecting the elevator pitch

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