How I think the start of the semester will go vs. how it actually goes

I’m not at ESA this week, and in some ways that’s good, because I’m currently being swamped by the beginning of semester deluge. Last week reminded me that I always misjudge what the start of the semester will be like, as I illustrated will some silly drawings:

Cartoon labeled


Cartoon entitled

And that last one doesn’t even include all the other stuff that always pops up (e.g., an uptick in requests for letters of recommendation, finding new undergrads to work in lab and getting them set up in the lab, etc.)

Related: at an event I went to this summer, they asked us to draw pie charts showing how we spend our time. After we attempted to draw them, we had some discussions about how the traditional teaching vs. research vs. service/admin split that we tend to talk about leaves out a lot of things that take up a lot of time. And, yes, this PhD Comics chart was discussed!


Good luck to all of us trying to fit 200% as much stuff into the same amount of work time!

(For a previous installment in the “Meg draws things poorly” series, see this post on imposter syndrome)

4 thoughts on “How I think the start of the semester will go vs. how it actually goes

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