Prediction Ecology Conference

I have spoken frequently on this blog about the need for ecology to become a more predictive science (e.g. Post #1 Post # 2 Post #3 Post #4 Post #5). For those of you who are interested in this topic, there is a great Gordon Conference on this topic coming up June 4-9 ( The speaker line up looks fantastic. Register soon (applications due May 7). The registration fee may seem high, but recognize that includes room and board – all Gordon conferences are on a college campus and sleep in the dorms and eat in the dining hall to ensure a high degree of interaction among the attendees. They’re also usually small (100-150). They’re one of my favorite formats. If you’ve never experienced a Gordon Conference, this is a great chance.

1 thought on “Prediction Ecology Conference

  1. Thanks for the heads up! Would’ve missed this otherwise. I need to keep a closer eye on upcoming Gordon Conferences…

    Need to figure out if one of my grad students and I can go.

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