Dynamic Ecology is becoming a group blog!

One of the reasons I left the Oikos Blog was to try some things that I couldn’t try on a blog I didn’t own. Such as this: I’m pleased to announce that Dynamic Ecology is becoming a group blog!

I want to try this for several reasons. A group blog can cover a wider range of topics, and cover them from different perspectives. A group blog can have really good comment threads because everyone comments on everyone else’s posts. It’s easier for a group to maintain a high frequency of posting than for any one individual to do so. And not least, I think it will be fun!

So earlier this summer I invited a small number of people to join the blog. Some were close friends, some I hardly knew, but all were people who do great ecology, and who I had reason to think might say yes. Three of them took me up on my offer: Chris Klausmeier, Brian McGill, and Meghan Duffy.

I won’t say too much by way of introduction, as they’ll shortly be introducing themselves. Briefly:

Chris Klausmeier is a theoretical ecologist at Michigan State University with interests ranging from individual organisms to global biogeochemical cycles, and a frequent commenter here as “lowendtheory”.

Brian McGill is a macroecologist at the University of Maine, and also a frequent commenter here.

Meghan Duffy is a community and disease ecologist who works on zooplankton, she’s starting a new position at the University of Michigan and is active on Twitter.

I’m a great admirer of all three and I’m thrilled to have them on board!

All three are joining on a trial basis, as none has ever blogged before. Much as I did, they’re all going to try it out for a while to see if they like it enough to want to commit to it long term. Chris and Brian are going to try it out for a month initially, while Meghan is going to try it out until Christmas (Meghan needs a longer run-in because she’s crazy busy moving to Michigan and so likely won’t be able to post as often in the early going).

For those of you who are very attached to Dynamic Ecology in its current form, don’t worry: so am I. I’m still going to be posting frequently; this is absolutely not me easing myself off to the sidelines! And I thought long and hard about who to invite to join me. I invited Chris, Brian, and Meghan because they’ve got a lot to say that I think you’ll want to read. And I intentionally invited only a small number of people. If the group was too big, probably it’d either include a bunch of people who hardly ever post (and so would effectively be a small group anyway), or else every reader would feel like their own favorite authors’ posts were “diluted” by other content of less interest. It’s my hope that a small group of different-but-not-totally-different people will be near-optimal in terms of amount and range of content.

So please join me in welcoming Chris, Brian, and Meghan to Dynamic Ecology. I think our motto, “Multa novit vulpes”, is now more true than ever. “The fox knows many things“–because now we’ve got more than one fox! 😉

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