Friday links: #LGBTSTEMDay edition!

All this week’s links are related to #LGBTSTEMDay (including links explaining why such a day is needed):

Yesterday was the first #LGBTSTEMDay, and even the Canadian Minister of Science recognized it!

If you’re wondering why we need such a day, here’s one explanation:

If you need another reason: Alex Bond has highlighted how the locations of scientific meetings matters — what message does it send if a meeting is held in a place where being LGBTQ+ is illegal? (This safety issue of visiting places hostile to LGBTQ+ folks applies to fieldwork, too.) Alex recently had a post asking us to ask our societies to do more to support LGBTQ+ members. (We should, of course, also be thinking within our home institutions about ways to better support LGBTQ+ members of our community. Thanks to a different post of Alex’s, I learned that the University of York’s Chemistry Department has a webpage for LGBT+ information.)

In honor of LGBTSTEMDay, Lewis Bartlett had a post at the British Ecological Society, which included this very important observation about why such campaigns are important:

Unconscious biases can be the most insidious precisely because we don’t realise they’re manifesting. Academic hegemony of how to teach, how to present, how to speak or act or network, doesn’t include queer styling. That leaves those of us who can’t or won’t deny our unmitigated fabulousness vulnerable to being ‘othered’ – unconsciously discredited because we don’t represent what people expect of an academic ecologist.

I also wanted to highlight two visibility campaigns for LGBTQ+ scientists: 500 Queer Scientists and LGBTQ+ STEM, both of which have scientist profiles.

Finally, the award for the best LGBTSTEMDay cake goes to CERN!:

Maybe someone will make an ecology-themed cake next year?



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