Useful links related to tenure track job searches in ecology

I’m posting my Friday links separately and early this week. They’re all related to faculty job searches, so a separate post for them seemed like a good idea. The links:

1. Spencer Hall maintains a really useful set of links on his grad resources page. Scroll down to the section entitled “Advice on getting a faculty job or other kinds of jobs”.

2. Marissa Baskett also maintains a great page with lots and lots of useful links. Check her page out, too.

3. Not ecology-specific, but Dr. Becca has a TT job search advice aggregator that is also very good (not just because it links to my post on illegal questions).

4. Hope Jahren’s post on “How to get a faculty job in 20 not-so-easy steps”. It’s very well-written and simultaneously funny and depressing. . . which might mean you might not actually want to read it if you’re on the job market. It was originally posted anonymously on Jacquelyn Gill’s blog, but is now available as a pdf in cartoon form. Her “wear a catheter” advice reminds me of the most useful advice I got related to job interviews: “Never pass a bathroom without going in”.

5. If you haven’t already seen Jeremy’s (thorough!) post on how North American faculty search committees work, that is definitely worth a read, too.

6. From Terry McGlynn, lots of great advice on seeking a job at a teaching institution. (Added 11/7/13)

7. From Jeremy: Bob Holt’s advice to faculty job applicants (along with advice on the value of a PhD as more than just as a gateway into academia) (pdf link) (Added 11/8/13)

8. Joan Strassmann has a series of posts related to TT job searches, including this and this and this and this and this and this. (Thanks to Jeremy for the reminder about these posts!) (Added 11/8/13)

9. Owen Petchey’s career advice (ht: Jeremy) (Added 11/8/13)

10. The job wiki, with information about the status of various searches (Added 2/7/14, thanks to a comment from lindae) (UPDATE August 2016: Here’s the 2016 version)

11. How to format your CV for a faculty job application (by me; Added 9/1/16)

Please suggest others in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Useful links related to tenure track job searches in ecology

  1. Tomorrow I’ll be linking to the series of posts Joan Strassmann has been doing at Sociobiology. She’s currently chairing a search committee and is writing the posts from that point of view. Very useful.

    In an old Friday linkfest I’ve linked to this compilation of advice from Owen Petchey (it covers career advice more broadly, not just job hunting, and overlaps some with the resources Spencer has compiled):

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